Automatisches Abgleichen

Anfra­gen hin­sichtlich dem automa­tis­chen Abgle­ich von Microsoft Out­look und Google Mail-Dien­ste löse ich zwis­chen­zeitlich mit dem kosten­losen Go Con­tact Sync Mod.

GO Con­tact Sync Mod is an open source tool to syn­chro­nize your Microsoft Out­look con­tacts with Google Mail. With this tool you do not need to enter your con­tact details more than once, always have the lat­est ver­sion every­where: in Out­look and in Google. Con­tact cat­e­gories are sup­port­ed, as well as con­tact pho­tos to make your con­tacts look exact­ly the same. You can set up sync options to start up and syn­chro­nize auto­mat­i­cal­ly, so it is the per­fect back­up tool.

Features Version 3.9.10

  • Full sup­port of OAuth2 — no need for your pass­word!
  • Out­look Con­tacts sync
  • Out­look Cal­en­dar Appoint­ments sync
  • Auto­mat­ic sync­ing
  • Con­tact Pic­tures sup­port
  • Cat­e­gories sup­port
  • Con­tact notes are syn­chro­nized (size lim­it­ed to 62.000 char­ac­ters, no rtf sup­port)
  • Sup­ports Out­look 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 and 64 bit)
  • No Sup­port for Out­look Express
  • Select Out­look fold­er to sync
  • Sync with mul­ti­ple Google­Mail accounts
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